Formula of Success

A - Aim
The most important thing to be successful in life is to maintain your Aim .Without knowing what is your aim in life you can't decide what to or what not to do in your life.
B -Best
Try to be best in whatever field you are for that hard work and labor is the key for these.

C - Confidence
Believe in yourself and be confident. Always remember this if you don't believe in yourself then no one will believe you.
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Love yourself if you don't  nobody will !
D- Discipline
An undisciplined person never can be successful in their life, so always try to be discipline.
E - Edgar  
Be passionate and always try to learn new things in life cause Every day is new day . There is no ending for them who want to learn new things in life. Because life is school which teaches us new thing everyday .
F- Focus
Don't convert your mind in different things just focus on your aim . As a student focus on your study most and rest of the things is always there for you after completing your study.
G- Grab
Don't let anything just deleted from your mind for which you have done so much hard work . Always try to Grab it .
H- Health
As we all know health is wealth . So, always try to be healthy.
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I -Impossible
As we all know the word impossible is only good for dictionary . Always remember this everything is possible because I'm Possible .
J -Jealous
Don't you ever be jealous of someone success rather make them jealous for your success .

K -Knowledge
As we all know Knowledge is a Power . Try to earn knowledge from different sectors . Don't be the bug of Book only.
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L- Lazy
If you are lazy then even god can't do any thing sorry…… don't be lazy .
M -Mistake 
No one is perfect so often we commits mistake . It's OK . Take it in positive way . But always remember that repeating mistake is not good for your successful life . So after committing any mistake promise yourself you are never going to repeat that same mistake again in your life .
N -Negative
Thought and Nervousness These are two are the real obstacle for your successful life so always try to avoid them.

O- Opportunity
Opportunity may not come in your door always so just grab it at right time.

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P -Positive and Passion
Always try to take everything in positive way and have passion on what you are doing. It really helps you for your successful life .

Q -Quality
Always believe in quality rather any other cheap………..
R -Reputation And Respect  
Before deciding any thing think twice what will be the effect of that particular decision on your , your family and society , company reputation and always respect who are senior not just because of position also consider their age and their passion for their job .
S -Success And stability 
It's really hard to be successful but it is even so hard to maintain that success so always try to stabilize your success.

T -Time
Time and tide waits for none. So you would better utilize it in good way.
U -Understanding and Utilizing
Try to be understanding it makes you lovely person and always utilize the resource maximally .

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V -Value
Every person and everything has their own value so always ………..
W -Willingness 
without having and willingness you can't do anything so keep that passion to learn and do something because there is a way for every willingness .

X -Xtraordinary
Try to be xtraordinary, how ? I've already mentioned above .

Y - You
Love your self because you are doing all these for you also ………..

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Z - Zenith
It's the last step of your successful life if you follow all above mentioned point then sooner of latter you are going to get it . The ultimate pleasure for all of we are running for……………

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