How to Backup  Facebook Photos, Videos and Info. ?

This is one of the most common question in all of facebook user mind. I have been also looking for this question around the net . I finally got the answer and i would like to share it with you . It is too easy any takes only few minutes of yours. So, backup all your facebook photo, videos and info .

1. Firstly sign in into your facebook a/c .
2. Click on Drop down Menu next to Home tab and go to Account Settings. .....


3. Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.

4. Now a new click on  Start my archive button.

5.Click on OK button.*

That's it are done. You will get a new e-mail which will contains a link to a compressed .zip file containing all your personal information. 

Note : It will take some time to collect all your information. Once that information is ready for download you'll be sent an e-mail .

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Happy Facebooking......

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