While Typying website address in .com you don't need to type the full address.

Eg :  suppose you are going visit   http://www.palpalimilan.blogspot.com/

You don't need to type full address.
  Just Type  Palpalimilan.blogspot  and Press Ctrl+Enter ( holding ctrl key)

 Press Ctrl + plus (+) will to zoom in or increase the font size. 
Press ctrl + dash ( - ) to zoom out or decrease the font size .

Press Alt + D = Internet browser will move the cursor into the Address bar.  No need to to move your mouse.

Press F5  = Refresh or reload a web page.
Press F11 =  To view Internet browser in full screen.

Press Ctrl + D =  Add the current webpage into Favorites List.

Press Ctrl + B = Open your Internet bookmarks.
Press Ctrl + F = Open the find box in the browser to search for text within the web page.

Ctrl + T = Open new tab window. or Ctrl + N = Open new window.

Press the Backspace key or hold down the Alt key + left arrow to go back a page. To go forwarrd press Alt + right arrow .

Happy browsing....happy net surfing....

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